King George VI British India Coins 1938-1947

Friday, October 15, 2010

This British monarch was born December 1895 AD. He was the 2nd son of King George V. In fact, the heir apparent of King George V and the elder brother of King George VI viz. Edward VIII was appointed as the next King. But, Edward VIII was not interested in power. He fell in love with an American girl and subsequently absconded from his duties as a King. George VI was then accepted as the King of India and UK.

2 Annas (Obverse & Reverse)

1 Anna, 1/2 Pice, 1/2 Anna, 1/4 Anna, 1 Pice & 1/12 Anna (Pie) - Obverse & Reverse

Semi-Silver 1 Rupee, 1/2 Rupee & 1/4 Rupee (Obverse & Reverse)

Coins were minted in India using the effigy of King George VI from 1938 AD to 1947 AD. The reign of George VI fell during the 2nd World War and subsequently, the metal prices used in minting coins went high. Minting of coins using precious metals was immediately stopped. Gold coins were issued no more. The silver content in the One rupee coins was reduced to half i.e. 50% of the original. Usually, this content of silver was more than 90%. There are very few coins which may have higher silver content. Even production of coins using bronze and copper was reduced considerably. Nickel was a cheaper option available and was the next obvious choice. Overall, this reign saw many changes in the Britis India coinage. It was during this time that the 1/2 Anna denominated coin was re-introduced after several decades.

The result and story of the grave effects of the World War II is told by the below Rupee coins that changed their form drastically. The end of British Raj in India left nothing behind except struggling against poverty.

Nickel 1 Rupee, 1/2 Rupee & 1/4 Rupee (Obverse & Reverse)

Just as all the British Kings did, George VI died in February 1952 AD.