King Edward VII British India Coins 1903-1910

Sunday, October 31, 2010

King Edward VII was the British monarch who came into power after the death of his mother Queen/Empress Victoria. He was born on November 9, 1841 and was the eldest son and heir apparant of Queen Victoria. Edward married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters. His mother, Victoria died in January 1901 but he was not into the throne until 1902. This is the reason why most of the coins you see here in my collection shows the effigy of King Edward as a bald middle-aged man. The possible cause could be that the original dies that were used to mint the coins using his effigy were manufactured before he came into power. The exception to this is the 1 Anna coin which portrays Edward in crown.

1/12 Anna OR 1 Pie (Obverse & Reverse)

Edward had a family nick name "Bertie" :) He was a great believer in Socialism. His famous quotes that made huge impacts are:

"We are all socialists now"
"Because a man has a black face and a different religion from our own, there is no reason why he should be treated as a brute."

1 Anna, 1/4 Anna & 1/2 Pice (Obverse & Reverse)

There is this controversy which I am still researching upon is that if Edward coins were minted from 1901 or 1903. I have a silver 1 rupee coin in my collection which bears the year 1901 whereas, few of the numismatists that I came across believe that no Edward coins were minted in 1901. I am a bit concerned about this controversy since I know that Silver rupee coins in 1901 were minted using Victoria's effigy. Nevertheless, if you have any idea about this, please feel free to throw some light and I would really appreciate that gesture.
Silver 1 Rupee, 1/2 Rupee & 1/4 Rupee (Obverse & Reverse)

Edward died on May 6, 1910 after which his 2nd son George V succeeded him.


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