Queen Victoria British India Coins 1840-1901

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alexandrina Victoria, more identified by the name Queen Victoria was born on 24 May 1819. She was the longest ruling British monarch in the history of British India Coinage. This illustrates that a majority of the British India coins were minted with her effigy.

1/4 Anna (Obverse & Reverse)

The minting of the Queen Victoria coins started after the reign of William IV in 1840 AD, shortly after the British Government introduced the Uniform coinage in the year 1835.

1/12 Anna - PIE (Obverse & Reverse)

Numismatic-ally, the coinage associated with her effigy can be classified in three broad categories:

1. Continuous Legend: This means the lettering legend viz. "Victoria Queen" on her effigy were Continuous and without any gap. The coins with the continuous legend effigy were the earlier issues which portrays young and beautiful queen. The coins with Continuous legend bear more value than the later ones.

2. Discontinuous Legend: This means that the lettering legend viz. "Victoria Queen" on her effigy were Discontinuous as shown in most of the coins shown here from my collection.

1 Rupee - SILVER, Victoria Queen - DISCONTINUOUS LEGEND (Obverse & Reverse)

3. Mature Bust: This type of Victoria coins were minted after the Queen's proclamation i.e. when Queen Victoria was pronounced as Empress Victoria. This type portrays the queen as a crowned queen and form the later issues. There are various mint marks and designs found on the coins of Victoria after 1862. Most of the coin collectors are fond of collecting coins of Victoria showing different dress patterns.

2 Annas - SILVER (Obverse & Reverse)

1/4 Rupee - SILVER (Obverse & Reverse)

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1 Rupee - SILVER, Victoria Empress (Obverse & Reverse)

Empress Victoria died on 22 January 1901 after which Edward VII was crowned the next British India ruler.